Dr. Fiona Lovely offers expertise gleaned from 15+ years of clinical practice with a specific interest in restorative endocrinology, functional neurology, and functional medicine.

Her work is unique in current healthcare trends because she actively investigates roadblocks to the body’s innate ability to heal using keen observation and a detailed patient history combined with innovative laboratory diagnostics to get to the root cause of the health dysfunction. Dr. Fiona Lovely operates on the principle philosophy that health is not just about the treatment or the specialty, it’s about hope. People need to feel empowered in their own health and they need information from someone who can help with their best interest at heart.

She shows you how to optimize your biochemical, structural, metabolic and hormonal systems by understanding how stress, food sensitivities, genetic dispositions, mental blockages and musculoskeletal dysfunction contribute to health dysfunctions. Once the root cause is identified Dr. Fiona Lovely helps guide you towards a path of peace.

Dr. Fiona Lovely hosts a podcast called “Not Your Mother’s Menopause” that sheds light on the emotional and physical aspects of health for women around midlife and menopause. She has been helping women with their hormonal and life challenges for her entire professional life and hopes to help guide women through a safe and peaceful passage of perimenopause.
A native of Regina, Saskatchewan, Dr. Lovely has spent time living in Toronto, Iowa and Boulder, Colorado before settling in Calgary.

Also a beach faring, daydreaming, yoga loving, star gazing, hippie at heart, she lives for the serene times out of the city with her husband Aaron travelling and experiencing new things. She is also an admirer of the absurd, an epicurean and a hack golfer.