Healthy Bones For Life

Have you been told you are at an increased risk for osteoporosis? Maybe you already have osteopenia or you know it runs in the family? Turns out, there are a great many factors involved in healthy bone tissue and there are many avenues for you to help your bones be at their strongest!

Are you Anemic?

Many people struggle daily with fatigue.  This is especially true of women in peri-menopause.  There are potentially many causes fatigue but one of the most common is an imbalance in the iron body.  Most commonly, this is low iron levels and called anemia.

Toxins, Inc.

Are you aware of just how many chemicals you absorb and inhale every day just from your body care and beauty products?  The average woman applies 12 products everyday, the average man – 6 products.  Teenage girls – 17 products!  These include fragrances, anti-perspirant, toothpaste, hair dye, lotion, make up and facial creams.   Not…

Thyroid Update

I recently did an interview with the awesome Antoinette Mcweeney of Ireland.  We spoke of all things thyroid.  Find that interview here: The follow up podcast to the interview where I review some critical thyroid info we all need to know.  Please watch the video interview with Antoinette and me, then have a listen to…

3 Things You Need to Know if You Have a Concussion

Concussions can happen anytime to anyone. We are learning quickly just how far reaching the effects of a mild traumatic brain injury can be. Unfortunately, they can last way beyond the original injury. There is much you can do when you have a recent concussion and getting this info into play in a timely fashion can go far into resolving the symptoms of a concussion.

There are three things you should know if you have a concussion…